Who we are:  We are a group of coach educators committed to supporting coaches in their career-long journey of development.

Who we serve:  All coaches, though primarily those who have completed their initial coach training, who are committed to their on-going development as coaches and building their capacity to better support their clients.

Frank Ball, Master Certified Coach

Christina Swartz, Leadership Coach

We serve:

  • Recent graduates of  coach training programs who miss the support of being a member of a learning community.
  • Experienced coaches who are looking to broaden or deepen their learning in order to better support their clients.
How we do it:  We offer a variety of curated learning opportunities that include:
  • free weekly video presentations on topics of interest to coaches,
  • half-hour and one-hour laser sessions focused on a single topic,
  • small groups of four to six coaches who meet monthly in facilitated meetings to support one another’s growth,
  • ICF mentor coaching delivered by MCC coaches all of whom are also faculty members in the Georgetown University Coaching Program,
  • training courses, delivered both on ground and via technology, on a wide array of topics of interest to coaches committed to broadening and deepening their skills.
Our goals:
  • Share the wisdom.
  • Build community.
  • Offer powerful coaching resources.