Notes from the 2017 ICF Converge Conference

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I’m just back from this year’s conference in Washington, DC sponsored by ICF Global. This is the fifth one I have attended, and it’s always a great experience to be able to hang out with 1,600+ coaches for a few days and learn from them. I was also delighted to bump into and reconnect with about forty of my Georgetown … Read More

How to Get through Auditions & Win New Clients

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One of the things we do frequently as coaches is to interview, and be interviewed by, potential new clients. These five to thirty minute conversations, which I call the “beauty contest,” are the threshold event through which we either get to work with a new client or not. Given the stakes of those seemingly informal conversations, it’s important that we … Read More

The Coaching Dream, Modified

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Many coaches as the complete their initial coach training think, “I attended x, y, z coaching school, and it was a life changing experience, and it was so wonderful I want everybody that I can meet to have the same life changing experience I had, and I’m going to quit this dreadful job that I hate and has been killing … Read More

Starting a Coaching Business

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Often people begin to think about starting a business long before they actually start one. And they only think about it and don’t take any concrete steps to move in that direction. When they are finally ready to actually start the business, they are slowed down by the many requirements necessary to get going. I’m writing here to suggest that … Read More

Getting Clients: The “Wedding Invitation” Way

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Many people are intimidated by the idea of having to contact strangers to get them interested in hiring them as a coach. My answer to that is, “don’t try. Selling to strangers is very hard.” I suggest another approach – selling through people you know. Selling coaching to a person cold is really a two-part sale – first they have … Read More

Talking about Coaching: What it is, What it is Not

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We often find ourselves talking to people, be they potential clients or the general public, about what coaching is and what it is not. Because the word “coaching” has so many other common meanings, people are more likely to believe that they know what we mean by the term than they actually do. All of this leads to misunderstanding about … Read More