Mike McGinley, PCC, ElementNorth

“Frank is an exceptional resource to have on your side. He’s a brilliant problem solver with the pragmatism to discern what’s worth doing and the creativity to find elusive answers. Frank excels at distinguishing the noise from the signal and always sees where the leverage and the risks lie in any initiative. All this with an uncanny understanding of the human condition and a wicked sense of humor!”

Scott Eblin, PCC, The Eblin Group

“Frank Ball is the ultimate mentor for any aspiring coach. I speak from experience because that’s what he’s been for me. For years, Frank has been a role model, wise guide and friend for me. His wisdom, experience, humor and big heart have been a gift to me and countless other coaches. Work with him if you have the chance!”

Lee Ann, Wurster-Naefe, PCC, Five10Consulting

“Frank Ball is the perfect trusted advisor, sounding board and confident. He brings the practical experience and know how from a wide variety of leadership roles in business, government, education, the military and non-profit worlds. He has mentored me since I started my leadership coaching and OD consulting practice 14 years ago. He’s helped me with business related questions, proposal writing, pricing strategy, client issues and OD consulting challenges. He is a good listener and straight talker who can put his finger right on the crux of the matter. And when you’re ready for action and ideas, he’s right beside you with wise counsel and an encouraging word stated in his own Frank Ball way!  So if you want bench strength in your business, I strongly recommend you add Frank to your team.”