ball-fFrank Ball has been an independent organizational consultant and leadership coach since 1995.  In addition to his independent coaching and consulting practice, he was a founding Faculty member and Cohort Co-director in Georgetown University’s ICF-accredited Leadership Coaching Certificate Program between 2000 and 2014.

In his coaching work he specializes in working with leaders and leadership teams to improve their own and their organization’s leadership capacity.  Working in dozens of organizations and with hundreds of clients over the years, he has found that leadership is among the scarcest resources in most organizations today.  In addition to building overall leadership capacity in organizations, he is finding more and more of his work focused on supporting leadership transitions as more senior generations of business owners and organizational leaders either change careers or transition to retirement — both of which create a need for the newer generation of leaders to step up quickly and become more effective.

In his coach training work he has been particularly effective in helping those who have completed a coach training program manage their own transition into a successful coaching practice.  His advice and counsel are frequently sought out by many who have learned how to coach and are yet to master the steps of building a successful coaching business.  Frank is equally knowledgeable in the business of coaching through his experience founding five companies himself and investing in twenty start-up business through an angel investing group he co-founded in 2008.

Prior to becoming an independent coach, Frank had careers in the U.S. Marine Corps and Central Intelligence Agency.

He was designated an ICF Professional Certified Coach in 1999 and subsequently an ICF Master Certified Coach in 2005.  His formal education includes degrees from Davidson College and the George Washington University and two graduate certificates from Georgetown University.